As a leading provider of custom golf clubs, Inertia Golf
works one-on-one with our customers to ensure we
deliver the perfect end product.

From the weekend amateur through to players on all professional tours, our know-how and 15 years of experience in understanding golf techniques such as postures and swings makes us a leader in the custom golf club industry.

Our made to measure and custom golf clubs for juniors, women and men are delivered through a precise and tailored approach. From the use of leading technology and tools through to a proven golf club fitting methodology, our custom golf service is one that our customers keep coming back to.

Our experienced team understand and appreciate what it means to have the perfect custom golf set delivered to our customers. Their appreciation of our work as well as the end result on their score card is what makes all the difference with Inertia Golf.

Our personal approach with our customers ensures that they receive a custom and tailored golf experience. From technique analysis through to state-of-the-art equipment and brands, our customers can be rest assured that their custom golf clubs will make all the difference for the next round. 

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